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Financial literacy Money Management programme

  • Date - 09 Jan 2021
    • Club Name : Jubilee Hills
    • Club Id :26681
    • President :Raja Krishna
    • Contact :+91 9393074261
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Today?s course of ?Financial Literacy? named as ?Money Superhero? was a major success with 385 participants attending. It was satisfying to see 350 participants most of the session. It has far exceeded, pleasantly, our expectations! Our orientation sessions brought in good results with 200 registered for those previous sessions, plus 200 registered for the current session. I must thank several school principals and teachers for having tried to get their students to participate. The session was extremely interactive, with infectious enthusiasm from the participants. There were several instances when the web lagged due to the inundation of responses and questions. We registered about 10,000 responses during the session! Vishal from Metamorphosis covered the session skilfully, keeping interest going for a full 120 minutes of session. While today?s course is ?Fin Lit 101?, I found it equally absorbing to relearn lot of my basics. It is never too late to ?Learn, Unlearn and Relearn?. I am sure attending these sessions would invigorate Rotarians in witnessing the infectious energy and intelligence of tomorrow?s leaders of India ? the Youth! I would like to recap some of the quotes from the session, which were very insightful ? ?When something is important enough, you do it even when odds are not in your favor? - Elon Musk ?Biggest risk in life is not taking risk? ? Mark Zuckerberg ?None can destroy iron, but its own rust can. None can destroy a person, but his own mindset can? ? Ratan Tata ?Think Big, Think Fast, Think Ahead. Ideas are no one?s monopoly? ? D Ambani ?If people are not laughing at your goals, your goals are too small? ? Azim Premji I would once again appeal to fellow Rotarians to make time to attend tomorrow?s session 10am-12pm which will cover Inflation/Compounding/Investments/Insurance/Fin Scams, with some key takeaways on how mindset differentiates Wealthy from Rich. This was a part of RCJH& RCJH LC organised together.



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