Club Meeting Detail

Weekly Zoom Meeting

  • Date - 04 Jun 2021
    • Club Name : Lake District Moinabad
    • Club Id :222166
    • President :Ragunathan K
    • Contact :+91 9849034032
    • Email Id :

List of Attendees (Members) - Amit, Anurag, Bhawant, Brijesh, Chiranjeev, Niraj, Ragu, Raja, Rani, Ravinder Nath, Samir, Sandip, Sanjay, Shyam, Sridhar, Sunil, Sushil, Dr Tanuja, Uday, Veer, Vishal, Yashwant, Girish, Aniket, Diya & Sidhant 1. President welcomed and called the meeting to order. 2. Ragu and Samir presented the accounts, which were approved by the members unanimously. For the next annual subscription fee, Treasurer proposed INR 50,000 for the main Club members and fee of 10,000 for Satellite members, which was agreed unanimously. 3. Ragu requested all members to adhere to 80% attendance and Secretary mentioned that he will send the attendance details (of last 2 months) along with the minutes. 4. Ragu told we have increase our member strength to 50 (40 main club and 10 Satellite group), from the present strength of 29 members in the main club and 9 in the Satellite in the next 2 months. It was discussed that we should give priority to women members but the quality of the profile is paramount. 5. Ragu then presented Bhupalpally project details, which will be mailed by him to all the members. He also informed that Aurobindo Pharma has committed INR 2 Cr. Each year for the next 3 years, for this project. We are also confident of mobilizing funds from a few other corporates, as part of their CSR funds and some other clubs (local and international). These funds will get routed through Rotary Foundation. In his ppt, he also presented operational matrix for the project. It was also agreed that we should hire a project manager for day to day coordination of this project, for which cost of 8-9 Lacs was agreed to be budgeted. The Bhupalpally Project also was approved unanimously. Ragu & Uday mentioned that this project, in future, may even cross a total outlay of INR 100 Cr., which is a unique opportunity for us. 6.Ragu also updated reg Service Trust (being authored by our Mentor Rtn Sharath) registration, which should happen during this month. He also uodated on PAN, Bank account, CSR regn. etc of the Trust. 7. Ragu & Vishal presented the District conference preparations details, including graphics etc. They also requested members to register for virtual International convention and showcased our club booth for the Convention. 8. Ragu and Uday mentioned about the Sanjeevani service project, which is undertaken by Mahesh Babu, United Way, Federal Bank, Coca Cola etc. for Vaccination drive in the rural areas. Uday also suggested we should get the Vaccination drive in Bhupalpally village also.? 9. Ragu mentioned there is one more Vaccination drive, led by Cyberabad Commissioner Mr Sajjnar, wherein they are going to import vaccines at the cost of each vaccine @ USD 10. We will also help to organise a few camps, once we get these vaccines. 10. Ragu shared the list of New Office bearers with effect from 1st July 2021, the list of which will be shared by Ragu. The list was approved unanimously. 11. Secretary thanked all the members and wished Veer Prakash & Ann Aparna for their anniversary the next day. 12. President called the meeting to close.