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Rooftop, Backyard Garden

  • Date - 04 Aug 2020
    • Club Name : Secunderabad Icons (90059)
    • Club Id :90059
    • President :Pearl Ganta
    • Contact :+91 9246581806
    • Email Id :

The project goal is to help families, orphanages, and schools and also lower economic people to grow their own garden, eat healthily, help care for the environment and also create a sustainable income for themselves with the sales of the produce. Rotary Club of Secunderabad Icons and Rotary Club of Narasaropet conducted 1st training for Roof Top and Backyard gardening. We are creating a movement to grow a garden in our houses, schools, and community for personal consumption, sales, and sustainable living in urban and rural areas. This session is the introduction of rooftop gardening, benefits and methods, and creating compost with food waste. RCSI sponsored the event. 30 averaged in the 51 people who attended the call, current FB video view as of 31 Aug is 427 views, 982 reach, 205 engagements, and 4 shares. 106 people registered for the session, 8 participants joined our FB group for future interaction, and also to view training sessions. This session opened opportunities to do this training in regional rural areas. This effort was acknowledged globally by various environmentalists. FB group as a followup: 24 people joined the FB group. Many Rotarians and Non-Rotarians are part of the group.



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