Club Meeting Detail

Club Assembly

  • Date - 15 Oct 2020
    • Club Name : Rotary Club of Cantonment Secunderabad And. Pr
    • Club Id :55482
    • President :Ramakrishna V
    • Contact :+91 9848994624
    • Email Id :

*Minutes of Meeting, Club Assembly* The club assembly was held on Thursday, 15th October at 7 PM. President Ramakrishna welcomed the members and shared the plans and informed the status of two major events being organized by RCCS. He requested that this club assembly should discuss and come up with suggestions for making the forthcoming events - a grand success: 1. RHYTHM 2020, a fund raising programme for helping the underprivileged children. Rtn Seeta said that the flyer should be ready with website so that it can be rolled put to all as the time left is limited. All memvers were requested to get sponsors (small to bug) for the programme. Contributions committed by a few members were also announced. It was also decided to make short promotional video and slogan to be circulated amongst the sponsors. Rtn Indira and Rtn Malathi will try to invite a celebrity for promotion. 2. Second program discussed was e-RYLA. Rtn Mohan informed about the activities planned for e-Ryla scheduled for 21st/22nd November. This is a panacea India event, with participation from a few countries overseas. Open for Interactors only. Members suggested a few names of motivational speakers who would make an impact. Rtn Mohan also suggested to link other overseas Rotary clubs either in morning or in afternoon sessions, depending on the time zone. 3. DG joined the Club Assembly as a guest. He assured his full support for both these programs. He informed the members that he will promote Rhythm to other clubs in the district and also outside the district. He will also help for RYLA for overseas interactors' participation. 4. DG suggested RCCS members to take part in the forthcoming virtual platform TRF seminar scheduled on 1st November. He explained members the need for making good contributions to TRF. He also requested members to explore possibilities of pooled endowment too. Regards.